TRIZIN 2011 - 2nd Annual TRIZ India Summit: Innovation Revolution!
After taking giant strides in services, cost and efficiency driven innovation, India is now poised to move to the next level – creating breakthrough products and services, unique business models, globe leading design, global technology leadership and harmonious social entrepreneurship.

India is in more ways than one, proving to be the world’s innovation tipping point —central to the world’s innovation experiments and journeys. The time is ripe for an innovation revolution — a country wide initiative to take us to a stage where we define the new world that we want to inhabit.

TRIZ, The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, a world leading innovation framework with Russian origins, has the potential to ignite such a revolution and catapult India into the future. 

Inaugural TRIZ India Summit 2010 - Recap

The 1st annual TRIZ India Summit, held in Bangalore in July 2010, was a tremendous success. Over 90 delegates from 35 companies (from diverse industry domains including automotive, consumer care, pharma and healthcare, electrical and electronics, software and IT) attended each day of the summit; the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and warm. 

The summit included:

  • keynote presentations by renowned TRIZ experts and practitioners
  • TRIZ tutorial by a TRIZ Master
  • 8 technical papers, on a wide array of applications including software user interface design, software testing, air traffic control, perfusion imaging, medical endoscopy, IP value and creative personality development 
  • 4 panel discussions on diverse topics
    • Classical vs. Modern TRIZ,  
    • Embedding TRIZ in Large Enterprises
    • Patent Research and TRIZ
    • TRIZ and Open Innovation

Looking forward to TrizIn 2011

With TRIZIN 2011, we look forward to build on the momentum and interest generated last year. TRIZ offers an excellent medium for meeting of innovative minds from across domains and as we know from TRIZ, the strongest ideas often come from outside your domain of expertise. 

TRIZ India Summit is a platform to capture and enhance this cross-pollination, where TRIZ practitioners from industry can share experiences of TRIZ application (both failures and successes), researchers can share research and new concepts, customers can deliberate on how to apply TRIZ to solve different kinds of problems and consultants can discuss the impact of combining TRIZ with other innovation frameworks. 

Let's continue the innovation and TRIZ revolution with TRIZIN 2011!

Date: TBD
City: Bangalore, India
Venue: TBD

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